Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation After COVID-19

COVID-19 is a highly contagious respiratory tract infection that causes respiratory, physical and psychological dysfunction in patients. The exact clinical features, treatment and prevention methods of COVID-19 have not yet been determined. However, experiences and knowledge accumulation are increasing day by day.

Respiratory and physical dysfunctions may develop in patients who have had Covid-19 infection. Especially in patients who stay in intensive care for a long time, there is a decrease in muscle strength, impaired walking and balance functions, and a serious decrease in lung and heart capacity.

It is an important fact that patients who have had the infection and have survived the active disease period will need a physical therapy and rehabilitation approach.

For this reason, we initiated a post-Covid-19 physical therapy program with our specialist physicians and physiotherapists in order for patients with Covid-19 infection to fully restore their heart, respiratory and physical functions.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation program after Covid-19:

  • Pulmonary (lung) Rehabilitation
  • Cardiac (heart) Rehabilitation
  • It includes strength, balance and endurance rehabilitation.

If you or your relatives have had covid-19, we recommend our post-covid-19 physical therapy program for the recovery of your body functions and the full repair of the damage caused by the virus.

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Rehabilitation is interpreted as a service for the disabled for most people, but scientific research contradicts this view because scientific research shows that rehabilitation is necessary for 2.41 billion people with a wide range of health conditions. Additionally, there is emerging evidence that most people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have long-term effects regardless of the severity of the disease or the length of hospital stay. It seems that many patients will be exposed to different sequelae. The acute and chronic phase of COVID-19 thus requires rehabilitation services. *


* Global estimates of the need for rehabilitation based on the Global Burden of Disease study 2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019