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What is the Early Period Rehabilitation Camp ?

Failure to treat the diseases that cause movement limitation in time causes consequences that will irreversibly affect the general physiological state of the body. For this reason, early phase treatment after stroke and many neurological diseases  plays a key role in the success of the treatment.

Studies show that early rehabilitation processes significantly increase curability in treatments.

With this camp program we implement, it is aimed to treat the disorders that cause loss of movement with an intensified rehabilitation camp and to bring the person back to life independently.

The treatment process of stroke and many neurological diseases begins right after the intensive care phase. Our treatment program, which is a camp package in which intensive physical therapy applied and different additional treatments are combined, aims maximum gain in a short time.

This treatment should be started when the patient becomes suitable for the sessions in terms of systemic findings.

The starting date of the camp is approximately 2-3 days from the moment of the first diagnosis of the disease after the intensive care phase. (It may vary depending on the patient.)

Why Is It Necessary?

Early and intensive initiation of this rehabilitation treatment will provide the recovery of lost motor and sensory skills.

Mirror neuron in our brain, 3-dimensional perception center; Our abilities lost in the center of balance and vestibular system aim to return to the old life of the person as soon as possible with minimal impact thanks to our determined intensive treatment camps.

If the effectiveness of the applied treatment is started in a short time, it is at the highest efficiency and aims to reconnect the person to life and return fully independently.

Which treatment methods should be used?

Our patients usually present to our clinics with loss of trunk balance, sitting balance, gait balance and muscle strength and lack of awareness.

Before our patients are admitted to the rehabilitation camp, long-term evaluation and targets are determined with expert and experienced physicians and physiotherapists. Treatment is planned in line with these goals.

Different treatment methods and devices are used at every stage of the treatment.

Our main treatment methods used in the early rehabilitation camp;

  • Neurological rehabilitation exercises
  • Standing robot
  • Standing robot (mobile)
  • Walking Robot
  • Hand-finger robot
  • Arm robot
  • Occupational Therapy (Work-Occupational Treatment) and Adaptation Training to Daily Life
  • Safe exercise with the N-dynamic smart exercise stand
  • Hydrotherapy (exercise therapy in the pool)
  • Reflexology – Increasing circulation and accelerating healing with Medical Massage
  • Psychologist support (Patient – patient relative)
  • Multidisciplinary rehabilitation with our Neurology or Internal Medicine physicians in our clinic
  • Ozone therapy according to medical appropriateness (aimed to accelerate recovery)
  • Kinesiology taping (applied to the appropriate muscle group to prevent loss of muscular function)
  • Dry needling (Reducing sensory loss – It is aimed to accelerate recovery)

Which patients will benefit?

  • The disease groups that are eligible to attend the rehabilitation camp (rehabilitation center) in our clinic;
  • Neurological disorders (stroke – parkinson – spinal cord injuries – cerebral palsy – head trauma etc.)
  • Post-orthopedic surgery (anterior cruciate ligament-meniscus-fracture rehabilitation-platinum rehabilitation-knee hip shoulder prosthesis)
  • Limb losses – amputations
  • Rehabilitation after work accidents, early and independent return to daily life

How Long Should Be Applied?

This period varies according to the patient’s condition and should be applied for a minimum of 2 weeks (14 days). Although this process is a little bit more in neurological patients, the prolongation of the camp’s process means more treatment, so it allows the person to benefit more.

How should the treatment proceed in the continuation of the early rehabilitation camp?

After the camp, our patients are discharged with the opinion of our specialist physician staff. Our patients are followed up in a period of 3-6-12-24 months and it is aimed to recover completely independently by taking outpatient treatment, if necessary, at home with our expert staff.

Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospitals based on the idea of ​​Life is Motion; intensified early rehabilitation camp treatment options aim to provide the best treatment of any disease that causes loss of movement.

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