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Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Hospitals

Romatem Hospital is considered as one of the best physical therapy and rehabilitation hospitals in Turkey, since Romatem Hospital which is a physiotherapy center has the best doctors and physiotherapists in its physiotherapy clinic, who are specialized in paralysis injuries in general, joint diseases and vertebral stenosis. Beside having a big group of the latest technological robotic devices in the field of rehabilitation, which has been distributed to the Romatem physical therapy and rehabilitation branches in Turkey to achieve the needed movement treatment in all his kind.

Diseases that are treated:

Cerebral palsy (cp), Paraplegia , Quadriplegics paralysis , Neurological injuries, Orthopedic injuries, Cerebral atrophy, Sclerosis, Parkinson, Stroke, Back pain, Neck pain, Heart attack, Hernia, Palsy, Multiplesclerosis (ms disease), Sciatic, Fibromyalgia, Brachial plexus injury, Spinal cord injury, Sports injury, Disc cervical, Hemiplegia, Spinal bifida, Quadriplegia, Cerebrovascular accident, Cerebrovascular disease, Chiropractic treatment, Hemiparesis, Disc lumber, Stroke recovery, Facial palsy, Brain stroke, Hypotonic, Physiotherapy sciatica, Ischemic stroke, Tetraplegia, Cva stroke.

Tecnologies that we use:

Robotic rehabilitation, Lokomat, Amadeo, Orthopaedic therapy, Neurostimulation, Hand therapy, Dbt therapy, Aqua therapy, DRX9000, Pelvipower, Water therapy, Hydrotherapy, Manual therapy, Alternative treatment, Knee physiotherapy, Advance rehabilitation, Sports therapy, Occupational therapy, Stroke treatment, Cardiac rehabilitation, Neurological physiotherapy.