Scoliosis - Romatem

Correct Treatment for Early Diagnosed Scoliosis leads to Successful Results, the most common childhood deformity of the vertebral body. Scoliosis is seen in younger children and even in infants.

Scoliosis has negative effects on the body cosmetic appearance and causes psychological problems in children. Progressive and high angle scoliosis can cause pain, respiratory distress, and strain in exercise capacity.

In scoliosis the diagnosis is usually easily diagnosed by the examination of the child by a specialist physician. However, backbone films are used to determine the location and angle of scoliosis. Occasionally advanced techniques such as MR and tomography are also used

The golden rule for successful treatment; Early diagnosis, flexible body structure, correct and effective corsetting according to the curvature, and use of the period determined by the physician. It is achieved by a team of experts.Physicians, physiotherapists and orthosis technicians together with a team work to achieve successful results in non-surgical treatment of scoliosis.