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AMADEO ( The Finger Robot)

The Amadeo system is the only mechatronic finger rehabilitation device that allows each finger to operate individually or together independently, including the thumb.
The amadeo treatment concept is a mechatronic rehabilitation device in the field of robotic rehabilitation. It is used in motor dysfunctions in the distal parts of the upper extremity.

The device mimics the elimination movement and the natural gripping motion of the patient with the skating mechanism. The motion and force can be adjusted to the other needs of the patient. The patient sits comfortably in front of the device during treatment. The patient's arm is supported and the fingers are attached to the device. In this way the patient is prepared for the automatic movement sequence.

Passive or active movements are made depending on the requirements of the patient. They are also recorded on the device with the help of sensors. The most important feature of this system is that patients who undergo a hand surgery will be able to rehabilitate after surgery. Hand rehabilitation with a robotic system is very important because the success rate of operations is reduced in patients who have not been adequately rehabilitated after a hand surgery. As in other robotic systems, it is used successfully in the treatment of paralysis due to brain and spinal cord injuries or nerve incisions in the hands.

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