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Diers Formetric 4D Scoliosis Analysis device

The scoliosis is a three-dimensional curvature deformity of the spine. Normal and healthy spinal vertebrae extend in a straight line. In scoliosis, the vertebrae is shifted to the right, to the left, or to both directions. At the same time they can also turn around their axes.

When looking at the body from outside, the curvature is often not clear as it is directly detected, and it requires diagnosis, physician control, xray or special analytical devices.

The Diers Formetric 4D Scoliosis Analyzer is a four-dimensional analysis method that allows the spine curve to be detected in 4 seconds. Because it does not contain "x" rays, the method provides a safe diagnosis and treatment process.

The deformities in the spine can also cause life-threatening breathing and heart failure, leading to complaints such as shortness of breath, bloating, quick fatigue due to back and waist pain, advanced curvatures, lungs and heart failure.

P-80 may develop due to a variety of causes including central nervous system diseases such as infections that hold the spine and spinal trauma. In addition, non-structural postural, hip joint arthritis due to leg length difference, such as scoliosis can also develop due to construction.
The disease is more common in childhood.
1-3% scoliosis is seen in Turkey. The disease can be noticed by parents in the form of shoulder asymmetry in the child, bulging in a part of the back, and not having the hips stay on the same level. Screening of scoliosis in primary school period is of great importance. In Turkey, interviews with the Ministry of Health are being carried out for the realization of this, and early recognition and early diagnosis of scoliosis allows treatment without surgery.

The diagnosis of the disease is made by examination and imaging methods. a light source and the reflection of light through the system quickly save the camera records this map out a kind of backbone interpreted by a special software system. Thus, the position of the entire spinal column is determined. The prognostic value of this method is that it can be measured harmlessly in the detection of the patient's deformity regions and the observation of progress in the treatment. Since there is no 'x' beam, the measurement can be repeated as often as desired. Especially if scoliosis is thought to be a childhood disease, it is important not to include radiation.

The method used in many countries of the world is used for the first time in Turkey by Romatem Hospitals and besides scoliosis, kyphosis and body posture disorders are also analyzed.

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    Erhan emir - 2017-11-12 02:38:39

    Merhaba,bende skolyoz denilmeyecek kadar hafif omurga eğriliği var bir kac farkli hastaneye gittim sadece teshis yapildi tedaviye gerek yok hastanemizde bununla ilgili tedavi yok denildi.cok hafif olmasi ile birlikte ben biraz bu durumu kafama takiyorum hastanenizi arastirdim ileri skolyozlar icin tek care ameliyat ve platin oldugunu okumustum baska yerlerde ama bu hafif egrilik icin hastanenizde tedavi yöntemi var mı acaba ? Cevabiniz icin simdide tesekkurler.