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ESWT (Shock Wave Therapy)

Eswt-shock-wave therapy (ESWT) (Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy); "Shock wave therapy" is a new form of "non-invasive" therapy that relies on focused sound waves generated by a ellipsoidal steel dish to focus on a desired area of ​​the body. The working principle is based on the principle that the currents produced outside the body spread in the form of sound waves in the tissue. The treatment applied with the sound waves is used in the treatment of orthopedic diseases such as tennis player / golfer elbow, heel stud, shoulder pain, pseudoarthrosis (unborn fractures).

It provides the patient with no cortisone treatment without surgery. The resulting shock waves are called high-energy and these devices give 10 times higher energy to ultrasonic devices in a very short time (1 microsecond). ESWT treatment provides permanent improvement with treatment for the causes of the disease. Because ESWT treatment uses the body's own healing mechanisms, it is less likely to repeat if the disease heals once.

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