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LOKOMAT (Walking Robot)

The most common robotic used for the patients who cannot walk is a walking robot known as Lokomat. In this system, the patient is being exercised to do walking movements in a way exactly similar to usual walking, by means of robotic parts set at two sides of the legs, after upholding the patient by hangers over a walking band

In recent years, robot technology has been used in various areas of medicine. Robot-assisted therapy enables effective and intensive training and ensures the optimal exploitation of neuroplasticity and recovery potential. recovery time is coming shorter. One of the areas where robot technology is used is Rehabilitation. Various robot models have been produced for patients who can not use their arms or legs adequately. For patients who can not use their arms, arm robots are combined with virtual reality technology to increase the hand and arm skills of the patients.

The most important advantage of the system is that it makes movements very similar to normal walking, and constantly warns its centers. On the virtual reality screen, the patient has the ability to walk during exercises during the treatment, as he perceives the feeling of walking in different environments or at the same time he sees himself walking. In this way, as the healing process of the patients accelerates, the walking patterns develop in forms close to normal.

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