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Acupuncture means AKUS: 

With the simplest definition, acupuncture is a method that treats people with their own relatives.

The human body has the power to heal itself. Acupuncture is applied with various stimuli at specific reflex points. The goal is to stimulate the central nervous system, the brain, that controls about 100 trillion cells in our body. The balance, body and organ functions that are distorted by stimulation of our brain can be corrected. From this point of view, a kind of reflex therapy for acupuncture may be tried.

Today, acupuncture is the most preferred needle as a stimulus in practice. Laser stimulation, acupressure, magnetic ball, seed, heating, electric current are also used as stimuli outside the needle.

There are different kinds of acupuncture depending on the application technique: 1. Body acupuncture (Traditional Chinese acupuncture), 2. Head acupuncture, 3. Hand acupuncture, 4. Ear acupuncture.

These acupuncture types are the most used body acupuncture nowadays. However, in recent years, especially in Germany, most of the European countries and in America they have begun to be preferred. More and more scientific work is done ear acupuncture.
Ear Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture was found not by the Chinese, but by the French physician Paul Nogier in the 1960's. In fact, since ancient times, a number of aches and pains have been successfully treated with the ringing of certain points in the ear. There are also evidence in our country that Ibni Sina made some remedies from the ward. Dr Paul Nogier's attention was particularly attracted to the treatment of low back pain in the ear. As a result of long researches he has done, he has discovered the unbelievable resemblance to the posture of the baby in the ear. Later on, he came out of this similarity and successfully treated different pain and dysfunctions. In 1959, all of these studies were announced to the world. The results have attracted great interest all over the world. Dr. Paul Nogier was now known all over the world as the father of ear acupuncture.


Ear acupuncture is not performed according to yin / yang and 5 element philosophy such as classical body acupuncture. Diagnose diseases according to Western medicine science. The main pillar is treated according to Dr Paul Nogier's wrist map.

The effect of treatment is KALICI, it treats the disease, not the pain, no side effect and its a scientific method and YKTUR.

Useful Diseases

Hernia, sciatica, headache, shoulder pain, migraine, common muscle aches, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, depression, stress, panic attack, allergic diseases, some neurological disorders.

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