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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation teaches you to be more active for lifestyle changes that can lead to a stronger heart and more health. Cardiac rehabilitation can help you feel better and reduce your risk for heart problems in the future .

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

In cardiac rehabilitation, you work with a healthcare professional. Usually the team includes a doctor, nurse specialist, dietician, exercise therapist and physiotherapist. The team designs a custom program for your health and goals. Then they will give you support to help you succeed.

If you have a heart problem or you have surgery, you might be afraid of exercising. Or if you have never exercised, you may not know how to start.

Most hospitals and rehabilitation centers offer cardiac rehabilitation programs. You may be a part of a heart rehabilitation group, 

Why you are looking for cardiac rehabilitation ?

    Patients who have had a heart attack are much more at risk of having a heart attack than those who do not have a heart attack. For this, cardiac rehabilitation prevents the patient from having a heart attack again.
    Heart failure affects the daily life of the patient negatively. Cardiac rehabilitation helps to ease the daily life of the patient.
    Cardiac rehabilitation is applied to the artery, known as the chronor artery, and the patient's heart rhythm is regulated and the arterial activity is continued.
    Chest diseases, called angina, cause pain at the level that restricts the patient's movement. With cardiac rehabilitation, these aches can be reduced.
    Some of the heart diseases come from birth, and some afterwards. Cardiac rehabilitation also plays an important role in congenital heart diseases.
    After heart transplantation, it is difficult to fulfill some functions of the patient's life. With cardiac rehabilitation the patient's life can be facilitated.
    Cardiac rehabilitation improves the daily life of the patient.

Is there any risk for cardiac rehabilitation ?

Cardiac rehabilitation; Heart disease, cardiac surgery or a heart attack. In cardiac rehabilitation, a special treatment plan is applied to each patient. The treatment administered depends on the disease, the intended outcome and the general health status of the patient.
Who should participate in cardiac rehabilitation?

Doctors often write heart rehabilitation prescriptions for people who have had a heart attack or bypass surgery. However, many people with heart or blood vessel disease can benefit from heart rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can help you with:

    Heart failure.
    Peripheral artery disease (PAD).
    You plan to have a heart transplant or do it.
    There was angioplasty to open the coronary artery.
    There was another type of heart surgery, like valve replacement.

Cardiac rehabilitation
How is cardiac rehabilitation done?

Cardiac rehabilitation is administered in 4 steps:

    Medical evaluation: A health assessment made before a program for cardiac rehabilitation is prepared. At this stage, a program is prepared to inform the patient about the health problems of the patient and the level of the heart health. The expert in the field decides the suitability of the prepared program for the patient. Your controls are done regularly throughout the treatment.
    Physical activity: Physical activity is also involved in cardiac rehabilitation. During physical activity, exercises such as walking, running, rowing are applied and it is aimed to increase the muscle power of the patient. With the weekly exercise programs, the strength of the patient's strength is also increased.
    Lifestyle education: In cardiac rehabilitation, life style has an important place to be educated. Cigarettes, alcohol use, excess kilos and fats cause heart disease to be triggered. Lifestyle education is provided in the course of cardiac rehabilitation, diet is applied to lose weight if necessary according to the patient's condition, psychological support is provided for smoking cessation and alcohol withdrawal.
    Support: Heart disorders are a life threat. The heart rehabilitation process does not give immediate results. In order to obtain an effective outcome from rehabilitation, the treatment must be applied for a certain period of time. In order to complete this process, the patient should be supported and not be despondent. Patient's relatives should provide the psychological support that the patient needs.

What are the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation?

Starting cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack can reduce your chances of dying from heart disease and help you get out of the hospital. 

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