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Clinical Rigid and kinesiological Banding

Clinical Rigid and Kinesiologic Banding is a manual therapy method that requires special training in clinical rigid banding which is used to increase function in joint problems-to cut pain, to support muscle and other soft tissue problems-to cut the pain and to accelerate healing.

Often used in athletes and orthopedic rehabilitation, the method allows for rapid healing and reduction of patient complaints. Special bands that do not contain any medication are applied by manual therapists to maintain that position and maintain the effectiveness of the treatment once the joint or tissue has been brought to the desired position.

Kinezyological banding has been developed in Japan about 50 years ago, but it is a special treatment and banding method that has been recognized in our country recently as it is in Europe and America. The method is a treatment option that can be used after orthopedic and neurological problems as well as common health problems such as back-neck and back pain, and the usage area is expanding day by day.

Kinesiologic banding theoretically lifts the skin up to increase the gap between the skin and the muscles and alleviates the pressure on the area. Decreasing pressure in the area of ​​injury results in an increase in blood circulation and thus lymphatic drainage. This effect created in the circulatory system prevents tension and sensitivity in the wound area as well as stimulation of the pain receptors present under the skin in the area so that painless movement is possible.

The elasticity of the belts is also used to provide physical assistance to tired, weak or injured muscles. It does not contain any medication as it is in rigid straps and requires special training of the practicing physiotherapist.

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