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Diagnosis and Treatment of Scoliosis

Correct Treatment for Early Diagnosed Scoliosis leads to Successful Results, the most common childhood deformity of the vertebral body, often occurs between 9 and 14 years of age. Scoliosis is seen in younger children and even in infants. Scoliosis is also seen in boys, but it is more common in girls. the cause of scoliosis is not fully known, in Adolescent is called idiopathic scoliosis.

Scoliosis has negative effects on the body cosmetic appearance and causes psychological problems in children. Progressive and high angle scoliosis can cause pain, respiratory distress, and strain in exercise capacity.

In scoliosis the diagnosis is usually easily diagnosed by the examination of the child by a specialist physician. However, backbone films are used to determine the location and angle of scoliosis. Occasionally advanced techniques such as MR and tomography are also used, as rare scoliosis may cause other diseases. Radiological examinations are frequently carried out during scoliosis control. However, researches in recent years have indicated that high dose radiatioa, bulimia, and radiation protection may provide undesirable health problems in some organs and may even lead to cancer in later ages. For this reason, body topographic analysis systems which do not contain X-rays and which can follow the curvature are seen as gold standard in many countries.

Scoliosis can affect one or two regions of the spinal column and is dorsal (back), dumbbell (back). The degree of curvature is measured as the Cobb angle. If the angle in a region is 45 ° or more, the treatment is usually surgery.

Scoliosis often tends to increase in children during adolescence, close to the first menstruation in girls. For this reason, parents should check their children's spines. When the back of the child is viewed from the back, the scoliosis is suspected if there is a difference in the height between one of the shoulders and the waist arm of one side of the hip. When the child is bent forward, a scapula is formed if a hump or back protrudes. Children should be followed up at regular intervals during development and should be treated immediately if in doubt.

When scoliosis is diagnosed early, it is controlled by corset and exercise treatments and the advancement of the angle is prevented, the child's body cosmetics are improved. The golden rule for successful treatment; Early diagnosis, flexible body structure, correct and effective corsetting according to the curvature, and use of the period determined by the physician. Regularly performing Schroth exercises, known as scoliosis three-dimensional exercises, increases success.

The success in the treatment of scoliosis is achieved by a team of experts.

Physicians, physiotherapists and orthosis technicians together with a team work to achieve successful results in non-surgical treatment of scoliosis. In many parts of the world there is a specific scoliosis diagnosis and treatment center. In these centers, individual exercises for scoliosis, group exercises for scoliosis school are made by specialist and certified physiotherapists.

In addition scoliosis corset treatment has successful results. These corsets are to be produced with internationally accepted criteria and techniques. Computer controlled corset designs which are becoming widespread in the USA and Germany are produced on the basis of measurement and applications are made to fit a specific patient at the order of a licensed orthosis prosthesis workshop.

If you suspect scoliosis in your child, or if your child is advised to use corsets by a doctor, always contact the center. You will be given further information about scoliosis and scoliosis exercises.



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