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Dry Needle Treatment (Intramuscular Stimulation Treatment)

Since the needles used in the treatment do not contain any medicines, this method is called "dry needle therapy". Dry needle therapy is a scientific treatment method and widely used in musculoskeletal system pain all over the world.
How Dry Needle Works

Dry needle With this method very fine special needles of different lengths, known as acupuncture needles, are used. The needle is immersed in the "triggers" that cause pain in painful muscles. In this way, it is aimed to solve the painful cusp spasm (muscle shortening).

 When the intact spasm is solved, that is, when the size of the shortened muscle becomes old, both the muscle-induced pain and the short-muscular dysfunction are corrected.

 When the needles used in the treatment of dry needles are in hairy pearlescence, the treatment is not painful as contemplated. Since it does not contain any medication, there is no side effect. Thanks to the stimulation of the muscles of the needles, the body's own repair mechanism comes into play. It therefore treats the disease, not the pain. Disease treatment is quite painful as well.

Who is applied to dry needle treatment?

Since there are no side effects, the illnesses of all ages can be safely applied.

First, the examination of the patient should be made and the diagnosis should be clearly defined. After that, if the practitioner considers that the patient will benefit from dry needle therapy, the sessions are planned at regular intervals.

How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions varies depending on the patient, the patient, and the duration of the illness. Sometimes only 1 session is enough, rarely 10 sessions are needed. However, an average of 5-7 sessions is sufficient.

What kind of disease is dry needle treatment effective?

Most painful diseases can be treated by this method alone.

    Waist and neck hernias, muscle spasms, Myofascial pain syndromes
    Shoulder pain, frozen shoulder
    epicondylitis are
    Knee pain, chondromalacia patella
    Pain related to posture disorder
    Calcination-related pain
    Headache, pain associated with the stres

*** Combined with physical therapy and exercise increases the effectiveness of the treatment and reduces the duration of the treatment.

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