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Dynamic Exercise

Intelligent exercise is a physical therapy system that is developed using the latest technologies of the day and used to normalize the body functions of the patient and to increase body resistance. Exercise is a sort of medicine and must be applied specifically to the person.

The importance of exercise in physical therapy

Exercise in physical therapy targets Muscle strength, flexibility and cardiovascular status, while also helping you to relax psychologically. It also helps reduce your drug doses, as well as a clever workout program that helps prevent and relieve muscle tissue loss. Even a 15-minute daily walk can have quite positive results on our health. It has been shown in many studies that the 15-minute exercise program, five times a week, is of great benefit to the patient. An ideal intelligent exercise program should consist of warming, stretching and strengthening movements

When to start exercising when you have physical discomfort:

You should do the exercise only after your doctor has approved it. Then you should apply the appropriate program in an environment that you like, and are comfortable with

• You should exercise while mentally awake to prevent accidents.
• You should take care of your body's water needs before exercise.
• Exercise should start by heating your body and you should stop by stretching.
• You must have information about your illness. In this way, you can complete your exercise without harming your body. Exercise and muscle contractions always cause "micro damage" in your muscles and exercise can cause this damage to increase.
• Exercise may extremely change laboratory results as it increases your CPK level (creatine phosphokinase). It may be useful to exercise the day before blood tests are done. But you should make sure your doctor is aware of your exercise


You should get support from a physical therapist

In some discomforts, a movement that is good for someone else may not be right for you. For this reason, you may need a special exercise program. You may need to get support from a physical therapist for a safer and customized exercise program.

Physiotherapists have extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and prepare the most appropriate exercise plan for your situation. They teach you to do the exercises correctly in order to avoid harming you and maximizing benefits. Physical therapists can give alternative exercises to people with muscle loss or muscular disturbances. Trainers in a gym may not understand the specific needs of people with disabilities. For this reason, it is much more beneficial for you to take care to start exercising in the presence of physical therapy specialists.

What is a smart exercise system?

Movement in a smart exercise program is specially planned for each patient. In planning, exercise is planned considering the criteria such as person's discomfort, age, weight, muscle strength, strength and flexibility. Intelligent exercise also uses special devices that control the movement of patients. The purpose of this control is to optimize their effort and movements with their weight, number and duration pre-set with exercise devices. Thus, it is ensured that the person has maximum benefit from the exercise and all possible risks are reduced to a minimum. With En-Dynamic intelligent exercise program, strength and speed are adjusted according to the muscle structure of the patient. In this way:
• Exercise is made safer
• Muscle strength, mobility and flexibility increase
• The energy of the quiche is provided to make it feel good by increasing its durability
• Stress of joints is reduced during exercise
• Muscle tone and heart health are improved
With En-Dynamic intelligent exercise program, computerized monitoring can help achieve health and wellness goals. This specially programmed exercise machine helps you do full body exercises.


Smart exercise devices features:

In the intelligent exercise system, devices and instruments are used which are suitable for all types of physical therapy.
• In intelligent exercise systems, the devices can be adjusted according to the patient's height, weight and age.
• The set number and power of the movements included in the exercise are automated. The patient can safely complete the exercise on his own.



As age progresses, the importance of intelligent exercise increases


Intelligent exercise is necessary for people of all age groups, but people aged 60 and older constitute the predominant target group. Over the age of 60, there is tonus and loss of strength over time in the bones and muscles. In this case, a smart exercise program helps people to be treated without harming the bone and muscle structure. Muscles are strengthened to maintain the health of the person and to maintain normal life.
Smart exercise is also very suitable for professional athletes. It is a highly reliable and effective exercise method for those who want to maintain the condition or increase the existing condition, even those who want to get back to the old power and condition after sport injuries.

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Lymphedema; Congenital or cause can not be determined precisely because of the accumulation of lymph fluid in the tissues, sometimes immediately after cancer surgeons or immediately after radiotherapy, months or years later. More common in arms than legs. In these frequently held areas, swelling, feeling of under tension, change in the appearance of skin texture, stinging, burning pain, uneasiness are the symptoms. In addition, limitation of movement in joints, difficulty walking, difficulty in wearing shoes, pain makes daily life very difficult. A special massage technique (manual lymphatic drainage), which lasts approximately 45 minutes in the treatment of lymphedema, is the most common treatment. The effect of massage treatment is further enhanced by multi-layered bandages made with special windings. When these treatments are applied for a while, the swelling of the patient decreases and the treatment continues with the special pressure garments used in the daytime.

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Postherpetic Neuralgia and Neuropathic pain

Postherpetic Neuralgia and Neuropathic pain

Post-herpetic neuralgia is the pain that occurs after the post-sheng neuropathic pain has spread to the zona pectoris where the rash has passed. Shingles are generally seen in elderly patients, and may also be seen in young patients, particularly those with cancer, in immunocompromised patients. Zona actually occurs when varicella-zoster virus, which causes waterborne virus in our childhood, becomes active in the spinal cord many years after its placement in the nerve roots. This can trigger immunosuppression, stress, and a rash of illness called zona. The rash usually covers the skin on one side of the body and gives a certain nervous sensation, most commonly seen in the chest area, also on the head, neck, face and legs.

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