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Hand Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation applied to the region between hand and shoulder is called hand rehabilitation. For treatment, your hand is analyzed by an expert in the field, and the type of treatment to be performed is planned. It has a comprehensive service range from pain control to wound care. Hand therapists work with you and your doctor in a comprehensive therapy program that will meet your needs.

Treatment plan in hand rehabilitation; It includes applications such as computerized evaluation, customized static and dynamic splints, job simulation, patient education, pain control, range of motion, soft tissue mobilization, flexibility and strengthening exercises, fine motor coordination /

Hand rehabilitation; Pain, wounds, post-operative hand function to perform and to relieve pain is the treatment methods. With hand rehabilitation:

    By using various physical therapy machines, the treatment of the hand is increased.
    Hand movements are kept in balance.
    Damage to the bones and joints is eliminated.
    Burns in the hand and shoulder area can be treated.
    The feel of the fingertips is increased.
    Balance by eliminating excessive feeling

The methods of treatment of hand rehabilitation vary according to the needs of the patient. In hand rehabilitation, a special treatment plan is also prepared to be applied at home. Thus, the healing process of the patient is accelerated. Following treatment, the patient should be in control at certain intervals so that the patient is kept under control. If hand rehabilitation therapy does not achieve the desired result, surgical treatment may be required.
Hand rehabilitation
Conditions treated with hand rehabilitation:

    Sports injuries
    Crushing injuries
    Tendon and nerve injuries / repairs
    Cumulative trauma
    Arthritis and related conditions
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Repetitive motion injuries
    Reconstructive surgery / All surgical interventions
    Shoulder / Hand syndrome
    Congenital anomaly
    Dupuytren's disease
    Open wound
    Joint and ligament injuries
    Nerve jams
    Congenital hand anomalies

Use of Physical Therapy in Hand Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is a method that is used to rehabilitate and treat the functional disorders that occur in the body. Physical therapy is used in the treatment of many diseases. In physiotherapy applications, methods such as conscious exercise, speech therapy and psychological therapy are used.

In hand rehabilitation, physical therapy is only applied locally. In the treatment of hand rehabilitation, it is aimed to restore the hand function, to facilitate hand movements and to restore movement. Hand rehabilitation is not only the fulfillment of the hand function, but also the pain and seizures that occur at the same time.

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