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What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the treatment of a disease or the use of water to maintain health. The theory behind it is that it has many features that give water the ability to heal:

    It can store and transport water, heat and energy.
    Other substances such as water, minerals and salts can be dissolved.
    Even if you are sensitive to your surroundings, the water can not hurt you.
    It is found in different forms such as water, ice, liquid or steam. It can be used to cool ice, used in liquid baths and compresses pressures or temperatures differently and is used in steam baths or in breathing.
    Water can help with blood flow.
    Whether it's water, bath, shower, spray or compress, it has a soothing, calming and relaxing effect on people.
    The exercise in the water takes a painful joint weight while providing resistance at the same time.

What is hydrotherapy used for?

Hydrotherapy is called hydrotherapy for the treatment of water exercises so that the health can be regained and the physical abilities due to various diseases can be regained. People use hydrotherapy to treat many diseases and disorders including acne; arthritis; Colds; depression; headache; Stomach problems; Joint, muscle and nerve problems; Sleep disturbances and stress. People also use it for relaxation and for the protection of health. You can use hydrotherapy to reduce or alleviate sudden or prolonged pain.
Is hydrotherapy safe?

Hydrotherapy is generally safe if the treatment is done correctly. Different people can react differently to the length and intensity of the treatment. Some people may have headache, pain, sleeping problems, nausea, chills and fainting.

Before attempting hydrotherapy, it is important to discuss your physical condition and medical history with your doctor or physiotherapist.

If you are using an alternative therapy or if you are considering combining an alternative therapy with your traditional medical treatment, always tell your doctor. It may not be safe to give up traditional medical care and rely solely on an alternative therapy.

Which diseases are used against hydrotherapy?

Here are the diseases treated with hydrotherapy:

    It is used in situations where walking ability is lost. Hydrotherapine is preferred because it reduces body weight and makes it easier to move.
    It is applied in hip problems. The hip protrusion helps the patient to use the swimming paddle more comfortably after the hip prosthesis.
    In arm disorders, hydrotherapy is used to restore function of the arm.
    Trauma; Brain, heart and vascular diseases can cause loss of feeling and movement in some parts of the body. In these cases, the patient's feelings and movements are restored by applying hydrotherapy as a treatment method.

Therapeutic Techniques Used in Hydrotherapide

Hot water: Spouted hot water, vortex water, jacuzzi and hot water pools are used. With hot water, the pain of the patient's muscles and joints is alleviated. It is also applied to relieve the birth pangs of those who suffer from birth pangs.

Pools and hubbard tanks: Pools and hubbard tanks are used to make muscles, joints and bones workable in the treatment of disability problems. This method is a treatment administered in the presence of a physiotherapist; The patient's muscles, joints and bones are restored. Patients suffering from loss of muscle strength are allowed to regain muscle strength.

Bathrooms: Banyoda warm water can be used to lower the fire with warm water. In addition, treatment of rheumatic aches can be accelerated by using various oils and essences.

Shower: Massage with shower is provided and the patient can be physically relaxed. Patients suffering from burns are also an important hydrotherapy tool to relieve pain and pain.

Moisture compress: Moisture compress can be applied hot and cold. It is used to reduce the pain of burns, to relieve pain and to relieve pain, to relieve headaches.

Steam treatments and saunas: Steam rooms and saunas are among the most commonly used hydrotherapy methods. With steam treatments and saunas, skin pores are opened and skin is relieved. Steam treatments and sauces can also be used to treat respiratory tract infections.

Internal hydrotherapy: Internal hydrotherapy is also applied to colon irritation problems. With the internal hydrotherapy treatment system, the intestines of the patient can be cleaned with water. Medicines can also be added to the water according to the necessity.

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