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Lymphedema; Congenital or cause can not be determined precisely because of the accumulation of lymph fluid in the tissues, sometimes immediately after cancer surgeons or immediately after radiotherapy, months or years later. More common in arms than legs.

In these frequently held areas, swelling, feeling of under tension, change in the appearance of skin texture, stinging, burning pain, uneasiness are the symptoms. In addition, limitation of movement in joints, difficulty walking, difficulty in wearing shoes, pain makes daily life very difficult.

A special massage technique (manual lymphatic drainage), which lasts approximately 45 minutes in the treatment of lymphedema, is the most common treatment. The effect of massage treatment is further enhanced by multi-layered bandages made with special windings. When these treatments are applied for a while, the swelling of the patient decreases and the treatment continues with the special pressure garments used in the daytime.

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