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Lymphoedema and Treatment

The lymphatic system is a swelling that results in reduced transport capacity and accumulation of protein-rich fluid between tissues. Damage to the lymph system and inadequate lymphatic drainage tissue fluid accumulates in the interstitial space.

          The most effective treatment for lymphedema today is known as Complete Decongestive Therapy. This treatment occurs in 2 phases. If the patient does not have a cardiovascular limitation after diagnosis, the first phase can be started. This phase, which includes skin care, manual lymph drainage (manual drainage techniques), compression bandage and drainage exercises, lasts 30 sessions. The second is the protection phase and in the patients with reduced inflation, a compression chart is prepared according to the new extremity measurements. This phase, which requires intermittent measurements and drainage exercises to continue skin care and teach the patient, lasts for life.

          Physiotherapists increase lymphangiomotorie (movement of the lymphatic muscles) by creating an external pump to match the rhythm of the vein with the techniques they use with their hands to help the lymph vessels work. The connections between both axillary lymph nodes and underarm-groin lymph nodes are a glottal for patients with edematous conditions. For example; The left side of the left arm due to left breast disease, the patient's right side of the patient right side of the underarm lymph nodes to the same side of the patient. Robust left inguinal lymph nodes are treated using edema. This work is known as changing the direction of the current. The patient's extremities are bandaged using a bandage that we call semi-sedative, meaning that the resting pressure is low and the pressure at the time of exercise is high. These bandages, which will not be removed until the next session, are made to help the patient do their exercises regularly.

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