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Manual Therapy and Treatment Methods

What is manual medicine?

Manual medicine is a science that studies on the development, training and use of manual therapy techniques used in physical therapy. Antiquity continues to be successfully used in the treatment of many diseases from ancient Greece.

What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy is a form of physical therapy that is applied only by hand without the use of any device or machine. In manual therapy, practitioners use only their hands to manipulate the joints in the region and to stress on the muscle to reduce the pain caused by muscle spasms, muscle tension and joint dysfunction.

Who can apply manual therapy?

Manual therapy may be helpful in the treatment of people with joint muscles that lack sufficient range of motion and range of motion in some musculoskeletal structures. These discomforts can cause pain and function in the person, posture and movement. Manual physical therapy is used to strengthen the mobility of joints and reduce muscle tension to ensure that the patient moves more naturally without suffering. Manual therapy; Acute back pain due to sacroiliac joint dysfunction, chronic back pain, soft tissue injuries, back problems such as back tension, and relaxation of the person in the treatment of ligament injuries. Patients with chronic back and back pain after manual therapy appear to be effective in the treatment of patients with chronic back and back pain. Manual physical therapy techniques include various applications:

    Pressure is applied to soft tissues and muscles, including massage. This pressure relaxes the muscles, increases circulation, helps break up the damaged tissue, and reduces the pain in the soft tissues.
    A method of mobilization / manipulation involving movements at different speeds (slow to fast) is used for bending, pulling or pushing (bouncing) and receiving (called 'amplitude') bones and joints.

Before manual therapy, you should pay attention to:
Before starting manual therapy or any physiotherapy, your therapist makes a detailed assessment to detect muscle, bone, and nerve damage to the area to be treated to prevent any risk. It then applies a treatment that includes one or more of the specific types of physical therapy for the condition of the patient.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

It is applied to activate joints and muscles around. Muscle tension is reduced when joint movements are corrected. Manual therapy is applied to relieve muscular tension and to relieve joint defects. Soft tissue mobilizing reduces muscle tension by activating tissue fluids to treat myofascial adhesions from a variety of causes. This procedure is applied to the entire muscle surrounding the spine and consists of rhythmic stretching and strong pressure.

Ger and Say

This technique focuses on correcting abnormal neuromuscular reflexes that cause structural and postural problems, and pain-triggering spots are applied. The therapist finds the most comfortable position of the patient by asking where the sensitivity is reduced. The patient is held in this relaxed position for approximately 90 seconds. During this period, asymptomatic tension occurs with slight tension and is gradually removed from this position. It is then ensured that the body muscles return to a normal level of tension. The natural tension in the muscles determines the healing phase. This technique is preferred in the treatment of back problems that are acute or too sensitive to be treated with other procedures.

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    bel fitigi cd lerim var.manuel terapi hakkinda bilgi alabilir miyim.

  • Yorumlar

    murat memis - 2017-04-08 20:12:57

    bel fitigi cd lerim var.manuel terapi hakkinda bilgi alabilir miyim.