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Occupational therapy

Ergo therapy, also known as work and occupation therapy; Is a therapy and rehabilitation program aimed at increasing the quality of life by getting the independence and daily life roles of people in daily life by getting jobs, hobbies and activities. The goal of ergo therapy is to ensure participation in the activities of everyday life. Ergo therapists reach this goal by improving the ability of people and communities to do what they need, need, or expected activities, or by organizing activities or activities to better accommodate the participation of people in the environment. For this reason, ergo therapy focuses on increasing people's ability to improve social participation by organizing the person, activity, environment or some or all of them. For example; The right to move to the wheelchair is explained to the patient, the handcuffs are changed for people who do not have the hand concept, the right stomach movement habits of the waist and neck health at the work places and occupational injuries enter the ergo therapy working area. Occupational therapy; Physical, emotional and cognitive aspects of the person. It aims to direct the disabled person to work, to get vocational education and to be more successful in the workplace.

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