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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation, physiotherapy and rehabilitation are amongst the most advanced treatment methods. Orthopedic rehabilitation and the skeletal system related disorders are also treated. 
In the treatment of orthopedic disorders, rehabilitation treatment is applied before and after the surgery. The Orthopedic rehabilitation practice attempts to restore or improve the lost body function due to the skeletal structure of the patient. Orthopedic disorders include:

Arthritis, which is a rheumatic disease with connective tissue pain, limited movement, swelling and pain. Arthritis may be chronic or rarely altered and may progress slowly, and unfortunately many of the causes of arthritis are unknown.

Osteoarthritis which is a degenerative disease of middle-aged and elderly adults. The articular cartilage breaks down as it ages, and this disintegration can occur in hands, knees, spine or hips. Osteoarthritis, commonly referred to as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease, is a common discomfort.
Rheumatoid arthritis, which is an orthopedically localized disease that causes severe inflammation of the joints. Inflammation is so severe that the functioning of the limbs becomes very limited. Damage usually occurs in small joints and prevents movement ability. In adults, rheumatoid arthritis lasts forever, and worsens. As an autoimmune disorder, rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the body's immune system attacks its healthy tissues and cells. Rheumatoid arthritis can also attack the heart and lungs when not treated.
Fractures are among the most common orthopedic problems. Between open fractures or compound fractures, there is a wound that exposes the skin to the bone or the deep bone. A closed fracture or simple fracture is a broken bone, but it does not come off the skin with an injury. Greenstick fractures are missing cracks. A small part of the bones were broken; other fractures include straight line fractures along the bone, and spiral fractures.
Scoliosis is a disease of the spine caused by spinal instability, such as impulse, which is caused by severe soreness. For this reason, orthopedic rehabilitation therapy is essential for spinal curvature.
Cross ligament injuries are also one of the most important discomforts caused as a result from a stroke. Orthopedic rehabilitation is used as a treatment.
Meniscus rupture is the most common complication in the knee region. Meniscus disease, which causes severe pain by obstructing the function of the leg, is also treated with orthopedic rehabilitation.

How is the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Implemented?
Orthopedic rehabilitation is applied to diseases diagnosed by physical examination, x-ray and MR. Once the disease is diagnosed, orthopedic rehabilitation specialists prepare a personalized treatment plan according to the severity of the disease, the age, weight and general health of the patient. After this, they prepare a treatment program, and the patient's treatment starts. 
In the scope of orthopedic rehabilitation, the patient is subjected to a hot cold application, exercise and massage with the help of intelligent exercise devices. All exercises performed by the person are done in the field under the supervision of expert therapists. With the exercise program, the person's muscles are strengthened, the posture is corrected, and the deformations in the skeletal structure can be corrected by stretching movements. Thus, the ability of movement is increased in such a way that they can easily continue their daily life.

This procedure, which is performed under the individual control of orthopedic rehabilitation specialists, is applied in such a way as to provide relief and strengthening of the patient without excessive force. Treatment is completed when the patient has achieved the desired results.

Assistive Devices Used in Orthopedic Rehabilitation Therapy:
For orthopedic rehabilitation therapy, it is necessary to work with a full-service physiotherapy center and specialist therapists in the field. If you go to a good physical therapy center, a much faster treatment can be obtained with the support of the latest technology rehabilitation devices. Equipment used in orthopedic rehabilitation therapy are:
CPM device, which can be used for the treatment of knee diseases. The CPM device is a special device that provides continuous passive motion in the patient.
CPM device is also used in the treatment of shoulder diseases.
In some cases it may be necessary to use electro-simulation tools for electrotherapy. No pain or discomfort is felt with this device, since it is powered by a low voltage.
With intelligent exercise devices, the patient is provided with the right treatment for a treatment without any complications.
With the application of hot and cold, the pain of the patient is reduced and it is possible to continue to their daily life more comfortably.

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Hand Rehabilitation

Hand Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation applied to the region between hand and shoulder is called hand rehabilitation. For treatment, your hand is analyzed by an expert in the field, and the type of treatment to be performed is planned. It has a comprehensive service range from pain control to wound care. Hand therapists work with you and your doctor in a comprehensive therapy program that will meet your needs. Treatment plan in hand rehabilitation; It includes applications such as computerized evaluation, customized static and dynamic splints, job simulation, patient education, pain control, range of motion, soft tissue mobilization, flexibility and strengthening exercises, fine motor coordination / Hand rehabilitation; Pain, wounds, post-operative hand function to perform and to relieve pain is the treatment methods. With hand rehabilitation:     By using various physical therapy machines, the treatment of the hand is increased.     Hand movements are kept in balance.     Damage to the bones and joints is eliminated.     Burns in the hand and shoulder area can be treated.     The feel of the fingertips is increased.     Balance by eliminating excessive feeling The methods of treatment of hand rehabilitation vary according to the needs of the patient. In hand rehabilitation, a special treatment plan is also prepared to be applied at home. Thus, the healing process of the patient is accelerated. Following treatment, the patient should be in control at certain intervals so that the patient is kept under control. If hand rehabilitation therapy does not achieve the desired result, surgical treatment may be required. Hand rehabilitation Conditions treated with hand rehabilitation:     Sports injuries     tendonitis     fractures     dislocations     Crushing injuries     Tendon and nerve injuries / repairs     Cumulative trauma     amputation     burns     RSD     Arthritis and related conditions     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome     Repetitive motion injuries     Reconstructive surgery / All surgical interventions     Shoulder / Hand syndrome     Congenital anomaly     Replants     Dupuytren's disease     Open wound     Infection     Joint and ligament injuries     Nerve jams     Congenital hand anomalies Use of Physical Therapy in Hand Rehabilitation Physical therapy is a method that is used to rehabilitate and treat the functional disorders that occur in the body. Physical therapy is used in the treatment of many diseases. In physiotherapy applications, methods such as conscious exercise, speech therapy and psychological therapy are used. In hand rehabilitation, physical therapy is only applied locally. In the treatment of hand rehabilitation, it is aimed to restore the hand function, to facilitate hand movements and to restore movement. Hand rehabilitation is not only the fulfillment of the hand function, but also the pain and seizures that occur at the same time.

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Lymphedema; Congenital or cause can not be determined precisely because of the accumulation of lymph fluid in the tissues, sometimes immediately after cancer surgeons or immediately after radiotherapy, months or years later. More common in arms than legs. In these frequently held areas, swelling, feeling of under tension, change in the appearance of skin texture, stinging, burning pain, uneasiness are the symptoms. In addition, limitation of movement in joints, difficulty walking, difficulty in wearing shoes, pain makes daily life very difficult. A special massage technique (manual lymphatic drainage), which lasts approximately 45 minutes in the treatment of lymphedema, is the most common treatment. The effect of massage treatment is further enhanced by multi-layered bandages made with special windings. When these treatments are applied for a while, the swelling of the patient decreases and the treatment continues with the special pressure garments used in the daytime.

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