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 Prolotherapy; Latin cede originated from prolific a word meaning renewal. Therefore, this treatment is also called "proliferation" or "regeneration" or "remodeling" (restructuring) treatment.

Prolotherapy started to be used in the treatment of painful diseases all over the world and in this country since the 2000s, although it has been practiced especially in America since the beginning of 1900s.

Prolotherapy is mainly used in the treatment of pain, but it is not a pain killer. It is used in the restructuring and strengthening of structures that cause pain. Namely; When there are injuries to the body (tendons and ligaments) that provide support to the body and stabilize the joints (tears, slackness), the joints become irregular, unbalanced, painful. The purpose of the treatment of prolotherapy is to repair and strengthen these structures by remodeling the body by stimulating the repair mechanism of the body with various solutions made to the loosened, weakened or damaged tendons and ligaments.


Prolotherapy also causes irritation of the area where the solutions are used. This triggers the initiation of an inflammatory response in the body. Eventually, the repairing cells come in and intensively release repair agents (such as VEGF, PDGF, FGF, hormones). After the application, the repair mechanism commences and this process continues for about 3 months.

In summary, prolotherapy improves the functions of the distorted structures by stimulating and promoting the natural healing mechanism of your body. Functions work well for pain. Most importantly, all of this is done without any medication; hence no side effect.

What You Need to Know about Treatment and Cautions:

    Pain may become more severe in the first few days after injection.
    Pre- and post-treatment pain reliever (NSAII) medication should not be used.
    The patient should not be taking blood thinners and should not have any infections.
    Drinking plenty of water before and after the procedure, taking C vitamins helps with treatment.

What Diseases Can be solved with Prolotherapy ?

    It is mainly applied in chronic (long term) pain.
    It can be used effectively in chronic waist, neck, shoulder, back, knee and ankle pain, partial tendon, ligament and muscle lesions, sport injuries (various tenosynovitis, lateral epicondylitis, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, partial tears) and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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