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Speech Therapy

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

By applying various techniques in the treatment of speech and language disorders, the child aims to be able to speak better. Speech and language disorders are different concepts. Noises can not be extracted correctly in language disorder. In the speech disorder, voices can not be brought together and the words can not be created and the person starts to have problems while talking.

Numerous different techniques can be used for speech and language disorders:

Articulation disorder: Laceration, tongue, teeth, jaw and wrist are used in a correct and harmonious way to convey ideas to other people. Articulation disorders are the consequences of incorrect use of this system and errors that result in erroneous speech, alteration, or sound. It is normal for children to misuse certain voices at some age. However, if a child arrives at age 3, and still produces a voice that must be acquired, it may be experiencing an articulation disorder. It is the most common disorder among articulation disorders that is called "y" instead of "r" or "p" instead of "k". Articulation disorders affect the intelligibility of the child's speech when communicating with one another.

Stuttering. It starts in childhood and in some cases it lasts for life. The disorder is characterized by the disturbances in the production of speech sounds. Most people sometimes produce short-term discharges. For example, if your child says "ba-ba-bar-dak" or "bbbbbardak" instead of "cup" this indicates stuttering. In most cases, stuttering occurs in some cases that are difficult to person. Difficult activities differ according to the individual. For some people, communication difficulties arise only during certain events, such as talking on the phone or talking in large groups. However, for many others, communication difficulties can occur during a series of activities at home, at school. The education and career success of the person is a disorder that needs to be treated in terms of social relations.

Sound Disturbance: The sound quality of the quiche, sound intensity or sound pitch is impaired. Whether the child's voice sounds like larynx or a cold is among the indicators of impaired voice. Changes in cow frequency and intensity can be seen while talking. The loud voice can be truncated towards the end of speaking. With speech therapy, the quality of the voice, the intensity and the pitch can be successfully corrected.

Language impairment: Children have difficulty communicating because of problems with voice production, vocabulary and sentence formation. Children with language impairments communicate using fewer sentences than their own. They misuse voices, combine voices to create words, or they can make mistakes. However, language delay is also a problem of language impairment. Problems can be corrected by speech and language therapy.
Speech therapy
What are the application areas of speech and language therapy?

If a person is unable to produce correct or fluent speech sounds, or if the sound is experiencing a problem then it is a speech impairment. Difficulties in pronouncing voices, articulation disorders and stuttering speech disorders are examples.

If a person is having trouble with understanding others (thinking language) or if they are not understood when they share their thoughts, ideas and feelings (expression language), then they are experiencing a language impairment problem. Paralysis and aphasia can cause speech and language disorders in a variety of medical conditions.

Speech and language disorders can be seen both among children and adults. It may be the result of a medical problem or it may not be a known cause. Medical problems include physical problems such as palate or lips, and muscle weakness in speech artefacts. Speech and language therapy can treat both congenital speech disorders and later speech disorders. In short, speech and language therapists are consulted in the treatment of problems such as stuttering, articulation disorder, voice impairment and language impairment.

In addition, speech and language impairment problems in children with Down syndrome and autism can be eliminated.
How many sessions do speech therapy take?

There is no standard practice of speech and language therapy. Depending on the type, level and level of speech impairment in the person, the therapy is specifically determined and applied to the person or child. According to the success or failure achieved by the therapy, the needs of the person are determined and the therapy plan is regulated in person. The success of the therapist is directly proportional to the experience of the therapist, the willingness of the patient and the support of his / her relatives. All these criteria determine the duration and duration of the therapy.
What is the best age to start talking therapy?
from 3 years old 

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