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Spinal Decompression

The Spinal Decompression System (DRX 9000 C), used in patients with lower back and neck problems, is a non-surgical treatment with a success rate of 74% in patients who have been recommended to undergo a surgery or who have undergone a surgery.

Scientific studies behind the decompression system were basically initiated by space programs. In space research, NASA has observed that in space without gravity, the pressure on astronauts' spine has diminished, the disc space has widened, and lumbar aches have relieved. ICSC 2.0 has been developed from this experience so that many patients suffering from back and neck pain can be treated without the need for surgery.
With ICSC 2.0, the pressure between the discs is reduced during each painless 30-minute treatment, and the damaged zone provides water, oxygen and nitrogen. The graded injured disk is regrouped, the pressure on the dyskin is reduced, and the pressure on the nerves is relieved. When the herniated disc material is withdrawn, the defect in the vertebrae is healed and thus regained its function.

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