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Sport Injuries and Athletes Health

Sports Injuries

Exercise is good for you, but sometimes you can hurt yourself while doing sports or exercising. Sport injuries can occur not only in serious sports, but also in daily life. Sport injuries are a generic name given to some types of injuries. The most common sport injuries are:

Knee injuries
Swollen muscles
Achilles tendon injuries
Kaval bone pain
Rotator cuff injuries

What are the causes of sport injuries?

Repetition of any previously wounded person due to not being fully treated
Putting more weight on the body than it can lift can lead to sport injuries.
Being exposed to cold air can also cause sport injuries.
Reverse movement of certain muscle groups may also cause sport injuries.
The cause of injury when you are playing sports is caused by the fact that you are not fully warmed up before starting the game.
Using the wrong techniques while doing sports can also cause sport injuries.


What are the types of sport injuries?
Sport injuries are divided into two types as acute and chronic injuries:

Acute injuries: Exposure of a part of the body to excessive speed and to heavier loads may cause acute injuries. Examples of acute injuries include falls, strikes, bumps, sprains, fractures and dislocations.

Chronic injuries: Chronic injuries are generally caused by the same continuous recurrence. Examples of chronic injuries include stress fractures and tennis elbow. 

How to stay safe from sport injuries?
Here are some things to keep in mind to stay safe from sports injuries:

The hard-hitting sport fields increase the risk of accidents. Soft sports fields using artificial turf are preferred.
Sports equipment is also very important. Professional sports equipment must be used. A malfunction of the sport devices may cause serious physical problems for the person playing the sport.
Protective equipment should be used for some sports. For example, motorists should not forget to use helmets, if not used, the results could be life threatening.
The regularity of daily life allows the athlete to focus better on the sport. The risk of injury at this point is minimal.

What are the types of sport injuries?

Sport injuries vary according to the sport:
Football can affect your abdominal and leg muscles. Football can lead to injuries in the abdomen and legs.
Swimming affects especially the back and arm muscles. Swimming-related injuries occur in the back and the corners.
The most risky injuries in sports occur in weight lifting. Weight lifting, especially the abdomen, arm and back muscles are being put into action. Therefore, abdominal, arm, and back injuries are commonly seen in those who are interested in weightlifting.
In tennis, the arms, shoulders and hands are used extensively. For this reason, the arm, shoulder and hand area may cause serious injuries.
Arm and leg muscles are mainly used in basketball. For this reason, arm and leg injuries occur more frequently in basketball.
In the volleyball, muscles of arms, hands, legs and abdomen are exercised. For this reason arm, hand, leg and abdominal injuries are more common in volleyball.

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