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Andago Assisted Walking System

Andago, the supported gait system is one of the important robotic rehabilitation devices that we use in the treatment of neurology diseases, orthopedic problems, walking difficulties after cardiovascular problems, and balance problems. In Andago, the bodyweight of the patient is supported by the device with belts and the risk of falling is minimized. The patient provides controlled walking, of course, while this walking training is given, he is under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

How does the Andago Assisted Walking System work?

Thanks to the sensors in the front of the robot, the possibility of hitting any place is minimized, especially when our patients are doing stroke exercises. It is a very safe robotic system. While our other robotic devices make walking exercises for patients in a private and fixed area, with Andago, we offer our patients walking training in the corridors of the patient room in a more mobile way in rehabilitation halls. Its most important feature offers us the opportunity to give walking training to the patient on both smooth and uneven surfaces. This feature is an important difference that increases the patient’s walking adaptation.

What is Andago is used for?

We use Andago in the treatment of neurological disorders, stroke treatment, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis patients, Parkinson’s patients, and diseases with balance problems of walking. In addition, after any prosthetic surgery for orthopedic problems, any ligament surgery that prevents walking, ankle injuries, many surgical operations in the lower extremities, we use Andago if our patients have difficulty in walking. Andago is a suitable treatment choice after cardiovascular diseases and previous surgeries.