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What is Chiropractic Treatment?

“Chiropractic” is a Greek word; It consists of the words chiro (hand) and practic (practice). That means manual treatment.

Since the basis of this manual treatment is the manipulation of the spine, it is also known as “manipulation” or “manipulation therapy of the spine”. It is a scientific and more complicated form of treatment known as “pulling” among the people.

The main purpose of chiropractic therapy, that is, manipulation of the spine, is to eliminate the malalignment of the spine and to regulate the functions of the body.

Chiropractic Manipulation Treatment

How Does Chiropractic Treatment Work?

Our spinal cord, which is the continuation of our brain, is located inside our spine. The spinal cord provides communication between the nerves that go to our entire body and the brain. Some disorders in the structure or placement of the spine also affect the spinal cord. In time, the natural structure of the spine deteriorates due to various reasons (such as trauma, stress, posture disorder, hernia). In such a situation, some problems can be seen in the communication between the brain and the body. These often manifest as pain or dysfunction (constipation, excessive sweating, insomnia, etc.).

Thanks to the correction of treatable malalignment of the spine by chiropractic, that is, manual manipulation of the spine, existing dysfunctions or pains improve.

The main purpose of the application; Correction of the malalignment is to ensure healthy communication between the brain, nervous system and organs.

Chiropractic treatment is a “scientific” treatment method accepted by the World Health Organization. In addition, the American Medical Association recommends chiropractic therapy as the first-line treatment for back and neck pain.

How Many Sessions Is Required?

Depending on the condition of the patient and the disease, 2 sessions per week, once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. An average of 6-8 sessions are planned. Combining physical therapy and exercise increases the effectiveness of the treatment and reduces the duration of the treatment.

In Which Diseases Can Chiropractic Be Applied?

  •     In lumber and cervical hernias
  •     Waist, neck and back pain due to posture disorder
  •     Common muscle aches due to stress
  •     Myofascial pain syndromes
  •     Fibromyalgia
  •     Sports injuries
  •     Headaches

Are Massage and Chiropractic the Same Thing?

Unfortunately, due to the lack of knowledge and supervision in this field, in addition to reducing the scientific value of the treatment by adding some names such as massage treatment, some people who do not have sufficient knowledge and authorization apply it to patients who are looking for a solution to their problems by saying “I am an expert in this job”. These people try to convince the patients that the procedure is successful by using the sound of the gas coming out of the joints as a result of the sudden manipulation of the spine during the treatment as an indicator of the success or effectiveness of the treatment, especially by making publicity and advertisements on social media. Patients who are temporarily relieved as a result of gas in the joint believe that they receive an effective treatment. However, the patient’s complaints return when the gas fills the joint after a while. In particular, patients should not have this treatment applied to them without careful and thorough research on these issues.

It is a highly effective scientific treatment method that has no side effects when applied by experts in chiropractic treatment.