Foot reflexology massage is a relaxing and therapeutic method for people with plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries or those who have to do sports or standing work during the day. In the reflexology massage, therapist, foot, wrist massage apply. This will not only help alleviate toes pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis and diffuse arthritis, but it can also reduce stress and worries in the entire body. In addition, various stretching movements may also be useful.

Reflexology Massage
In the application of reflexology massage, firstly pressure is applied to the feet and the reactions given by the patient are measured. In this way, problematic areas on the patient’s feet are identified and the type of massage to be applied is determined. There are points on the feet that send signals to each region of the body. Massage applied to the feet sends signals to various parts of the body to relieve both the feet and the whole body. Reflexology massage takes about 30 minutes on average.
In the reflexology massage, every organ in the body equates to a nerve tissue in the foot. In order to correct the general health of the patient, this point massage at the foot is applied to provide treatment, including internal organs.
The duration of the reflexology massage varies from 30 to 45 minutes on average. In addition, since Reflexology massage is specially made for everyone, everybody is differently applied. When the massage is planned, the point to be applied is decided considering the age of the patient, the type of the disease, and the physical and psychological health of the patient.