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Prosthetics and Orthotics Usage

Prosthetics: These are devices designed to mimic missing limbs.

Orthotics: These devices are used to protect, support, and enhance the performance of existing limbs, such as braces, canes, bandages, kinesiotape, and others.


Duration of Physical Therapy

The treatment is conducted session by session. In orthopedic conditions, a series of 10-20 sessions, each lasting approximately an hour, can be administered. In neurological conditions, rehabilitation generally takes a longer process, typically in sessions lasting 1-2 hours. However, the rehabilitation process can extend for years based on the patient’s condition.


Is Physical Therapy Painful?

During therapy sessions, patients usually do not experience pain. However, if there are limitations in joint movement, such as stiff joints, patients might feel mild discomfort due to stretching exercises performed by the physiotherapist.



Care should be taken when applying therapy in cases of inflammatory conditions, active periods of rheumatic diseases (when joints are swollen, warm, and painful), vascular occlusions, varicose veins, open wounds, and infected areas. Applications not approved by a specialized physician should also be avoided.


Possible Risks and Side Effects of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Applications


Treatment Risks:

Physical therapy is an approach with very low risks and side effects. However, occasionally unwanted effects such as skin redness and sensitivity may occur. Extremely rare side effects include excessive skin sensitivity and changes in blood pressure. Risks are seldom seen when appropriate techniques, sufficient medical supplies, and experienced medical personnel are present.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


In Which Fields is Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Used?

It is used in a variety of health conditions, primarily disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Tailored exercises are performed to help patients regain mobility, alleviate pain, and increase muscle strength.

Chiropractic Manipulation Treatment

Do Physiotherapists Have the Authority to Administer Injections?

Yes, they can.


What Should Be Paid Attention to After Physical Therapy?

After treatment, patients should avoid lifting heavy objects and excessive fatigue. They should adopt a lifestyle in accordance with their doctors’ instructions.


What Is the Name of the Specialist in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation?

They are referred to as “doctor.”


Are Orthopedics and Physical Therapy the Same?

In the orthopedic department, surgical interventions are involved. However, physical therapy only encompasses exercises.

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